Hi Guys, sorry uda lama blog ini ngga kesentuh, semester ini agak ancur hidup gw haha, yah buat yg suka nyimak blog gw past tau lah kenapa πŸ™‚ okay masalah itu ga usa dibahas lg skip ! jadi semenjak abis Mid-Semester gw uda ngga perna lg ngupdate blog ini. Maaf yah, jadi topik di Post kali ini adalah Differences. Yap perbedaan !

Differences between us as a human being are note important thing. Some people enjoy discriminating people based on their culture, nation, economic status or even religion. They are really proud of theirselves (their culture, their nation, their religion). Sometimes we could see ourselves thinking on that way, and we realize that is not very good thing to do. Discriminating others will provoke yourself being so selfish, egotism and arrogant. Keep your mindset away from racism and kinda stuff like that. Because in my opinion, God created various culture, nation and religion is just for test us, wether we can unite or not. God also created love in order to unite the diffrences between us.

So what we are gotta make some points on our mindset that different is not the matter for us to get working together, hanging out, making friends, or even fall in love. Tolerances with others should be established on our daily live. You should respect others if you wanna be respected.

I guess that’s all for today πŸ™‚ thank you for reading. This one is kinda short, because I get a passion to write something but lack of ideas. btw, just like Indonesian’s Motto (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika) πŸ™‚



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