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Full Colour..

Our lives are full of colour and Im so grateful about that. As we consider that live is never flat, we gotta be more patient and wise in facing our problem. Dont be easily hesitate, lost on your own path, nor even think that you are not worthed at this world.

Sometimes people feel that their problem is the biggest and wors problem ever, but have you ever realize that there are many people who are suffering more than you feel ? We gotta be so grateful about what we are today. God make a problem to be solvent, so there is no problem that cant be solved. Even the most cruciel problem in the world, there must be way out to solve that one.

Friendship, love, and other things bring joys to our lives. Maybe friendship and love are sometimes made us hurt, or dissapointed, and sort of those bad feeling. But we gotta be more strong, tough and also wise when we face those things. Living is not about sadness, misery, and also other bad thing. Live is more about adventure, joy, happy, and many other good things.

Our lives has been designed with some kinda path, and we just gotta walk in our path. We can change our faith if we wanna. But it requires many things such as intention, effort, pray, and also trust in yourself that you can change your faith πŸ™‚

I guess that’s all for today. I can conclude that our lives that has been designed by god, and we just gotta walk in our path, no matter what happenned, we just can grateful what we are today πŸ™‚




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